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all you care to eat [24 Nov 2004|08:36pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i've reached the halfway point of my week at home and so far i guess i'd have to be pretty satisfied. we kicked off the break with a kick ass bash that everyone thoroughly enjoyed i'm sure. then saturday we went to down to san diego to party with brent till 5 am and then get up at 8 to play in poker tournament. none of us won. monday consisted of sleeping until 2 and doing nothing all day. catching up on much needed rest. yesterday me and kevin went to tony and paul's and played basketball and football all day. gotta get my exercise for the week in. then at night i went to Commerce casino with sean and decided it would be fun to loose money. i found out that it wasn't. today is boring. i did yardwork and hung out with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. shane, sean, and towey all have work. after sean gets off we're gunna go visit shane and towey while they guard. that should be fairly exciting.
i can't wait for tomorrow, i love thanksgiving. i get to do three of my favorite things: eat a kick ass feast, watch football, and take a nap. tomorrow will be a day well spent. as for the rest of my week, no big plans. just relaxing and enjoying life, maybe a little partying here and there as well. you know how we do it down here in the land of sun.

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suffering is a part of life [07 Nov 2004|03:39pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

well i guess it's time for my once a month update. top story, i've been fucking sick for the past week. i went home for one weekend and i end up contracted the black plague. i blame this one on sean. he was sick first and then spent all of sunday and my house. so this whole past week i've just been sick and it's really put a damper on things. i haven't been able to do anything fun this weekend. so far i've watched movies, played video games, slept, drunken a lot of water, and played some ping pong. yeah i know almost too much excitement for one person to handle but it's ok, even when i'm not 100% i'm still kick ass. lindsey went home for the weekend cause matt's in town. that should be nice for her. i'm not coming home this upcoming weekend but the weekend after that. that's gunna be sweet cause i get a week for thanksgiving. being home for that long will be totally kick ass. i definitely need a break from school. next weekend a bunch of us are gunna take a trip up stanford to watch our basketball team play an exhibition game against stanford. we're gunna get the shit kicked out of us but it should be a pretty fun road trip. so like i said before i've been watching a lot of movies this weekend. you know what i found out, walking tall, dawn of the dead, and the boondock saints are all really really kick ass movies. especially the boondock saints. i highly recommend that one. well there's not much to do now. i'll probably just end up throwing breakfast club on. what better to occupy my time with then one of the greatest movies of all time.

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we were brainwashed!!! [16 Sep 2004|12:41am]
[ mood | content ]

it is officially shane's, kenny's, and my sister erin's birthday right now. it's a celebration bitches! now what i should be doing is my financial accounting homework that's gunna take me 2 hours, but no i'm gunna do this first because i feel like it. we won our intramural volleyball game tonight. we kicked kevin's team's ass. kneepads/whitebread has a whole freshmen cheering crowd now. there's like 10 of them with shirts that say tim is awesome and shit and they bang pots and shit and scream stuff like the only thing that matters in intramural volleyball is kneepads. yeah it was some funny shit. last night was sweet, katy and alexa coming some rent and a little visit. good fucking times at the jack. you know what movie i didn't realize was so fuckin' funny? MAJOR PAYNE! that shit is fuckin' hillarious. "listen here you little scrodum sacks.." haha priceless. i highly recommend everyone revisit that one soon. the other day i bought school of rock and starsky and hutch for only 20 bucks at blockbuster. you know i can't pass up deals. needless to say, my ultimate dvd collection is getting there. tomorrow i have that damn class i hate, history and sociocultural foundations of physical education and sport. yeah it's boring as shit. i'd rather punch myself in the penis 3 times and pass out in a corner. well i think it's time to eat kevin's cake now. it's just so damn tastey it'd be a crime not to.

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back in the saddle [31 Aug 2004|02:17pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

wow it's been a very long time since i've made an entry in this old thing. let's see if it still works. i noticed that lindsey and katy are the only ones that still make entries, although alex and melinda make the occasional one, so this ones for you. i've been back at school for about 2 weeks now. how is it you ask? well like i've been saying seeing all my friends again is cool but the whole going to class thing still sucks ass. i have this class called Historical and Sociocultural Foundations of Physical Education and Sport, yeah it's exactly how it sounds...BORING AS SHIT! the professor is a fatter version of Mr. Mallory. it's kind of funny. i only have 5 classes this year though, 3 on MWF and 2 on TR. they start at 9 and end by 12:30. not too early and not too late on both ends. it's definitely a chill, kick back schedule. this year i plan on doing more things i WANT to do instead of things i HAVE to do. like instead of running i'm going to go to the beach and surf or skate or getting wasted at some party. you know whatever i feel like. oh yes for those of you who didn't catch that i'm not doing track or cross country this year and i couldn't be happier. i think on friday night me and lindsey are gunna go over to visit and party with jessica at cal state fullerton and then saturday me and lindsey are coming home for the long weekend. hopefully brent comes home too so we can have a little reunion of sorts. mischief is in the cards.

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out from the shadows [21 May 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

where the hell have i been? i don't even know. i totally forgot i even had a livejournal account. well i better dust it off pick up where i left off. i'm done with school. i've been home for almost two weeks now. i'm only gunna be here till june 6th though, cause then i'm going to work at a summer camp in arrowhead till august 6th. then when i come home it's san elijo. then i get one more week at home and it's back to school, back to school, to show everyone that i'm not a fool. what have i been doing these past two weeks? hanging out with shane and sean everyday. sometimes brent, justin, corey, or towey make guest appearances but they're all still in school so they're apparently busy during the day. playing basketball with john and weegee has been fun. dude weegee you turned sean into a damn street baller. he wants to play like everyday. that's not a bad thing though. the guys baseball game was kick ass yesterday. they totally annihilated those first lutheran pussies. i suppose i will venture over to the softball game today. well i'm gunna go shower cause i can actually smell myself and that's never good.


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totally ultra sweet cool kaka [07 Apr 2004|05:07pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

well the fact that i don't get to go home for break, except sunday, sucks balls. on the upside though i don't have school until tuesday. on the downside i have practice on thursday, friday, meet on saturday, and practice on monday. today was sweet. i didn't go to psychology for the 486218574765th time. i only go once a week just so i know what the hell is going on in that class. coach gave me the day off today to rest my groin for saturday so i made the most of it. me, tony, darci, and kayla went to the beach. it was nice. sunny and a little breeze. the water was cold but refreshing at the same time. like a cool summer's breeze, for men on the go. i had another intramural bowling game last night. we all did pretty good but we're still in last place. it's ok though, i feel a win coming on anytime now. i'm starting to model my game after big earn himself. tonight we're going to the driving range cause kayla like's to hit things really hard. makes sense to me. everyone's gunna be gone and i'll be here. what am i to do? i think i'll get drunk a few times maybe. maybe bed bath and beyond. i don't know if we're gunna have enough time.

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we play with real guns on this side of the street [07 Apr 2004|05:05pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

This is how a fucking gangsta rolls.. by starlitelily
gangsta name
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your fucking problemgradeschool dropout
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your sayingfuck a ho
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Alex, you'll appreciate this one [04 Apr 2004|03:49am]
[ mood | happy ]

so today was a very interesting day. i missed my meet this morning because i overslept, there was lots of traffic, and they left without me. on one hand i'm glad i didn't have to go to that meet because i was sleep deprived, my groin hurt, and i didn't feel like spending another whole saturday at a track meet. on the other hand i'm afraid of the confrontation that's going to take place between me and my coach either tomorrow or monday. i guess i shouldn't be too worried. what's the worst he can do, kick me off the team. and i'd be so heartbroken if he did too. he's just gunna give me the HUGEST guilt trip known to mankind. so instead of going to the meet, i slept, ate, took a shower, went to the bank, and watched college basketball. now for my bracket to work i needed okalahoma st. and duke to win. guess what happens, georgia tech and uconn win. lucky me. so my bracket's totally fucked. oh well. poker tonight made up for that. i totally kicked ass tonight. the first game i was playing with three guys and we just played for two hours. i ended up $2.30 up from my $5 i started with. then we played a tournament game with me and 5 other guys. the difference with this game is there's no cashing out. you play till one person has all the chips. guess who that person happened to be tonight. yep you guessed right, it was fuckin' me. so i walked in with five dollars and walked out with $22. not too shabby if you ask me. yep alex, my lucky streak is still going. oh a congrats goes out to sis' lindsey who was the best damn shroeder ever. bravo lindsey, bra-fucking-vo. well now that we've lost an hour it is 4 in the goddamn morning and i gotta get up by 11:30 for the angels dodgers game. GO DODGERS BITCH!!!!!

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cars like us, people love us [25 Mar 2004|05:27pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

long time no post. it's about time. what have i been up to? school mostly. oh and going to the beach. the beach has been very nice as of late thanks to all this warm weather we're having. i think i'm gunna start surfing again too. new port is a really good spot because the waves aren't that big and it's never too crowded. last sunday i went to the rufio, yellowcard, something corporate concert at UCI. it was totally sold out and we just showed up and asked people if they had extra tickets we could buy. we found 3 tickets in like 5 minutes. the rufio and something corporate part was kinda boring for me but the yellowcard part kicked ass. the violin player was doing backflips off the speakers. it was tight. we were in the pit the whole time too. I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE FUCKING SHOES ON EITHER. i was wearing just sandles cause i just wasn't thinking that we were gunna get tickets so i didn't bother putting shoes on before we left. i spent the whole time jumping around and trying to make sure my sandles stayed on. i almost got knocked over once too cause the whole fucking crowd kept pushing one way then the other. i just wanted to sock everyone around me but they were all either skinny asian guys, fat sweaty mexicans, or eleventeen jeans. i was planning on coming home friday night but now that looks like it might not happen. my car's brake calipers need replacing so i took it to this shop today and they said it would cost 520 dollars. so i was like yeah right that's too much. so tomorrow morning i have to pick it up, cause they took the engine apart, and take it to Pep Boys. they said they'd do it for 200. hopefully they can just finish it tomorrow, cause they're open till 9, and i can pick my car up and drive home tomorrow night. otherwise it might not be done until saturday, in which case i'll probably just stay at school this weekend. i'm coming home on friday, just for that day, to see lindsey's play. then the weekend after that is easter break. i get 5 days off for that so i'll be home then for a while. well it's dinner time and i'm fuckin' hungry. SPLENDIFOROUS!!!

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oooooo la la [12 Mar 2004|01:29am]
[ mood | dirty ]

Take the quiz: "Which sexy man will you marry?"

Justin Timberlake
Your going to marry Justin.....he's smooth, sexy..oh my your lucky to have him!
i should only be so lucky to land a catch like this. that justin is so HOT right now.

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KOOL-AID AND CORNBREAD [08 Mar 2004|09:57pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

well today was my first day back from break. it was pretty cool considering my first two classes got cancelled. so i got up at 8:30 and ate breakfast. i went to bio and i was done for the day. no practice either. it was such a damn beautiful day, you know what i decided to do? i went to the beach and it was glorious. me, tony, and brandon went to laguna. the sky was clear, the sand was warm, and the water was cold. it was everything i could of asked for. i'm gunna start going every opportunity i can. next year, while i'm busying not running track, i'll go all the fuckin' time. it's beach bum time. so today was kick ass. i can't say the same about tommorrow though.
well let's do a brief overview of my break. we saw steve and smitty off. we tried to show him a good last day by getting drunk and partying. i think we half accomplished that. i hung out with shane and sean everyday. sometimes brent, justin, or corey was there too. we played pool every night. sean the hardass always won, but by only you ball you son of a bitch. me, shane, and sean played golf in the rain. my golf bagged was strapped with 10 beers too. it was awesome. we saw starsky and hutch. two words, fuckin' hillarious. i had lunch at la lutheran and got to see some people i hadn't seen in a while. the scavenger hunt is on hold for a bit but we're still doin' it. probably the next time i come home. i'm not gunna tell the crazy white trash lady story here. that's saved for a separate post.
only 7 more weeks until school's out. i can't wait for that sweet sweet day.

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who the fuck is tom johnson? [28 Feb 2004|01:21am]
[ mood | confused ]

yes who the fuck is tom johnson? well i'll tell you what i know. this is what just happened. it's 1 in the morning and i'm just sitting on my computer minding my own business when the phone rings and my roommate says it's for me. hmmmmmm who could this possibly be? i say hello and all i hear is a loud "WHAT UP NIGGA!". puzzled i ask who this is and he says "this here tom johnson". now at this point i know this is some sort of prank but i can't figure out who this is. it's definitly a black person's voice, this much i know for sure. no one could impersonate this. i hear people laughing in the background too so i know this is bullshit. so we proceed to have a 3 minute conversation consisting of him telling me his name is tom johnson and or "TJ" as he liked to be called, he then busted out a little freestyle for me, then he told me to stop talking about him down here, he asked me what my sister lindsey was doing, he asked me if i still had any of that sweet chronic and then i said in my thurgood jenkins voice "no b i smoked all that shit, you's too late" then he said no not b it's t, tj. he then followed that up with another little freestyle. then he asked me if kevin had anymore more chronic. by this point i'm totally baffled as to who this is. my first thought was sean, steve, and shane of course. but it was definitly a black person's voice on the phone, no doubt about it. and last time i checked shane, sean, and steve didn't hang out with that many black people. so he started to wrap up the conversation and we said our goodbyes and i hung up the phone. i then preceeded to call shane on his cell phone cause i know he's the only one who'd shoot me straight on this. turns out he's in the car taking towey somewhere. just him and towey. they didn't know anything about what i was talking about. sean and steve are apparently at steve's house right now. i didn't call there cause i don't wanna waste any more minutes on my last phone card. so who is this tom johnson? do you know, cause i sure have no fucking clue.

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CKY BITCH!!!!! [25 Feb 2004|02:28pm]
[ mood | excited ]

in a matter of hours i'll be moshing in the anaheim house of blues to the sweet sweet sound of Camp Kill Yourself. i'm probably not gunna survive the concert but who cares, it's worth it. there's the possibility that bam himself will be there along with his crew. wouldn't that be a dream come true. the tujunga crew meets the westchester crew. it would be the most monumentous splendiforous occasion of all time. shane, sean, and steve should be arriving shortly. i'm not sure what they're gunna do while i go to practice for an hour. kevin has an RA meeting. i'm kind of afraid to leave them in here alone. i'm not worried about shane or steve so much. just sean. he's a good kid and all but who knows what kind of mischief that guy could get into.
i know most of you already know about this but guess who i fuckin' saw on extreme dating yesterday. none other than justin gonzalez. yep he was one of the ex's trying to make the guy not like the girl. my favorite part is when he jumped in the jacuzzi with them naked and told them to make out while he was in there and they did. it was an unexpected delight. two more days and i'm done with classes for a whole week. SPRING BREAK BABY!!!! yeah i know it's early but we're concordia, we do everything early. i don't get to come home until saturday night though cause i have a meet that day. i supposed to run but since my fucking groin hurts everytime i take a step i'm not sure that's a good idea. i haven't even actually "ran" since last monday. i can't even remember how to. all i've been doing is riding the bike in the cardio room and watching shows like the Steve Harvey show and Blind Date.
tomorrow night i'm going to see the Passion of Jesus Christ directed by Mel Gibson. a shit load of people from my school are going in a group and tickets were only 5 bucks and it looks pretty good so i decided to give it a go. it looks really violent and bloody. should be pretty good. well it's time to get ready for practice. gotta put on my tiny green running shorts. don't you wish you could see me in those bad boys......

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GO DUMPLES!!!!! [20 Feb 2004|01:01am]
[ mood | excited ]

only two more days until the scavenger hunt. i'm literally shitting my pants in excitement. this is going to be the single greatest moment in my life, next to seeing metallica live. do you think a strained right groin muscle is going to stop me from running a mile without pants for 40 points? HELL NO! i'm a dedicated team member. speaking of dedicated team members, i know my boy sean will be there by my side. he'd never let me down. atleast i hope he wouldn't. you damn well better be there sean or we won't win and it won't be fun. well i just gotta make it through one and a half more days then i'll be in the glorious haven we like to refer as the land of sun.

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Poopsicle [10 Feb 2004|12:56am]
[ mood | calm ]

the start of another lovely week at college. we had our intramural playoff game tonight. we lost by 4. we played charles' team again. we beat them during the season but they had a little advantage this time. his name is wai. in case you don't know, charles' team is made up of three awesome black guys and a 6'5 white guy. so basically they shoulda killed us but we ended up just barely losing. we played a really good game though so i can't complain. this weekend was pretty fun. on saturday we went to the orange county swap meet. i bought 16 triple a batteries and 6 sharpies for only 3 bucks. pretty good deal if you ask me. i was gunna get a pair of sunglasses and a new belt but that'll wait until next time. on sunday i played poker for most of the day. i ended up winning 12 bucks. i'm back to my old winning ways. that's easily two trips to in-n-out right there. my cky ticket came in the mail a little while ago. i'm so stoked about that concert. it's gunna kick so much ass it's ridiculous. with the whole crew there, it'll be just like old times. kevin brought his playstation back with him. we started playing tony hawk 2 again. i forgot how tight that game is. dude you know what is one of the nastiest things ever. when you walk into the bathroom and you have to piss real bad. you open the toilet lid and what do you find starring you right in the face but a big fat pile of shit. you try and flush but it's just no use. IT WON'T GO DOWN. so what do you? plunge it? hell no. you just piss on it and then make kevin take care of it. hahaha it was sexellent. well it's time to hit the sack. gotta wake up bright and fuckin' early tomorrow. shazbot!

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kelly goosecock [04 Feb 2004|12:32am]
[ mood | chipper ]

yesterday was a pretty shitty day. things just didn't seem to go my way and my leg was about ready to break off. today was a good. i didn't have to practice and i don't have to practice tomorrow. i must concentrate on healing my knee because i'm such an important asset to the team...hahaha. we won our basketball game against vangard by about 24 points. we kick ass and they suck. our fans are the best. at the end of the game they were chanting "you suck, sit down". hahaha once again, we kick ass! my intramural basketball team, despite a loss on monday which can be attributed to me not playing, made the playoffs. i'm ready for a good week of rest then it's time to bash some skulls. tonight me, kevin, laura, cassandra, emily, meredith, amanda, stephanie, and danielle played a big game of catch phrase in danielle's room. after which the question of "i wonder what the world's largest penis is?" came up. that led us to the website world-sex-records.com. that place has all sorts of interesting facts. from longest pubic hair to latest to menstrate. quite facinating. dude sean i know you're gunna be pissed off at me but i don't think i can come home this weekend. i wasn't supposed to have a meet on saturday but my coach told me today that we're having one and it's an afternoon one. so it's looking like this weekend's not the best to come home. eventhough steve's coming home too. he'll be here a whole month though. i'll see him plenty. maybe next weekend i'll come down. in the mean time let's get geared up for the scavenger hunt baby. that shit's gunna be the mad notes yo!!!

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back in the act [02 Feb 2004|05:37pm]
[ mood | sore ]

well this weekend was a well needed trip home. i was home for two days, i got drunk 2 days. that's the way it's supposed to be. watchin' the super bowl at my house was bomb diggity. just chillin' like a villian with shane, sean, towey, and the ratfink. patriots won bitch! what a hell of a game that was. my ass was on the edge of my seat the last 3 minutes of the game. i won 11 bucks off that shit. 5 from weegee(don't forget about that weegee), 5 from charles e. cheese, and 1 from towey. melinda dropped by for a delightfully unexpected visit. go to know she's still alive and kickin'. after the game me, shane, sean and finally brent went to jewel city and shot some pool. unfortunately i sucked ass. i attribute that to the fat ass shit i had to take the whole time. when it was finally time to leave i got in my car and started driving to the gas station and i noticed my brakes like didn't work at all. i had to push the pedal all the way to the floor for my car to stop. so i went to the gas station and gassed up and i was about to check my brake fluid when a group of shady mexicans walked up with a fucking shopping cart. so i decided it was better if i just left. so i did. i stopped off at 7 11 and upon further inspection realized i didn't have any brake fluid at all. luckily 7 11 just happens to be one of the only places you can buy brake fluid at 12:20 at night. i put that shit in my car and i was good to go. i got back to school in about 45 minutes cause i was going 95 the whole way. i didn't go to my 7:30 this morning. what a suprise. practice sucked ass today. it's a never ending cycle. i fix my knee, then i kill my knee. it just feels lovely right now. every time i take a step i wanna jerk the wheel into a bridge embankment!!!! time for dinner. i want mac 'n cheese.

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if there was only a word to describe.... [26 Jan 2004|12:12am]
[ mood | restless ]

you know what really chaps my ass? homework. especially biology homework. we've had class for 2 weeks so far and suddenly our reseach paper is due in like 5 days. cool or what? i've decided to not even do the homework for tomorrow. fuck that shit. sometimes i feel like i'm stuck in a box and i wanna bust out. this is one of those times. much like a jack in the box. i just wanna go out and get fucking thrashed or something but i can't cause i have class or i have practice or whatever. during the week i don't have time for anything and then on the weekends when i actually have time i don't really do anything. like today for instance. i slept in till about 11:45, which is understandable though because that's the only day out of the week i get to sleep in. we when to breakfast and came back to the room and watched college basketball since there was no football to watch. after that we went and played halo with coleman and steve-o. then we went to this faculty recital for our music class. after that one cool thing did happen. erin and polly decided to stop by and say hi. it took them like a half an hour to get here from the time they GOT OFF THE FREEWAY. first of all because they're direction retarded and second of all they were both drunk. when they finally got here erin slammed me down a 20 spot and said "here's money cause you're a poor college student." totally kick ass. then she was like i woulda picked you up a 12 pack too but there were no liquor stores on the way here. wouldn't that have been kick ass. i'm definitly going to bingo with her and polly on thursday. all the little old bidies better watch out cause C Money is in the hizzzouse!!!

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like fish in a barrel [22 Jan 2004|02:11am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

tonight was pretty awesome. after dinner i checked my mail and i got a notice that i've got a package waiting for me in the mailroom. i'll be pickin' that shit up tomorrow. i went and played poker with coleman, rooney, james, and his brother for a couple hours tonight. i walked in with 5 bucks and left with 13.45. i'm just rakin' in the fuckin' dough baby! to cap off this awesome night, we won our intramural game against charles's team. they should of killed us because they've got two awesome black guys, a white guy who's 6'5, and then some eminem white guy. plus me and derrick are hurt and kevin was sick and we only had 4 people, so no subs. we still came out on top biotch!!!! we be headin' to the playoffs baby!! the only thing that sucks right now is that i'm injured again. first off i streched out my IT band that connects my hip and my knee. so now i have to get treatment before and after i run. treatment consists of heating, ultrasound, massage, stretching, icing, and ice and stem which is like a little electroshocker thing. on top of that injury, i strained my left quad a little. so basically i'm all fucked up, but i don't give a FUUUUUCKK. we went to see lotr 3 again last night. it was still one of the best movies ever made. "i am no man!" STAB! i love that part. well it's gettin' pretty late so i better "hit the sack" if ya know what i mean. peace out!


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shi shi, ka ka [19 Jan 2004|03:42am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

usually sundays are boring and suck because you have to go to school the next day. well today was not one of those sundays. today was glorious for numerous reasons. number one the patriots are in the super bowl just like i predicted and the panthers upset the eagles just like i predicted. patriots got this super bowl wrapped up though. reason number two for awesomeness is what i bought today. i went to hot topic and used the gift card shane's grandma gave me for christmas. i bought this awesome motorhead shirt. it's totally ultra sweet cool man. i always finally about the cky cd, infiltrate destroy rebuild. i was going to buy the from autumn to ashes cd at borders cause i had a card for there too, but we spent a half hour looking and couldn't find this borders that supposedly existed on the corner of prospect and chapman. that gas station attendent was full of shit. his head was up his ass. dude he kept insisting that he knew me too. he said he saw me at some huka bar where he goes to hide from the world. i was like ok buddy sure whatever helps you sleep at night. when we got back from our little adventure me, kevin, and cassandra went to burger king. that was soooooooo aweeeeeessssssoooommmmeee. the had this gnarly play place slide and i went down it. bad mistake. it totally annihilated me. especially when i used the tray. after burger king we came back and played texas hold 'em poker with the guys. i came in with $1.50 and left after 3 hours with $10.00. the night before i came out $1.30 up. so far lady luck has been on my side but that all can change in a blink of an eye. after poker we had an acoustic guitar jam session. well kevin, ben, and brett did. i just watched and listened and sang tenacious d. after that we went to lindsey and blaire's and chilled for a couple hours. we played catch phrase and watched the movie frequency. now i'm here in my room gettin' ready to hit the sack cause i got 9:30 practice tomorrow. it's time for me to hangin' up. now if i could just finding a sleeping spot....

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