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shi shi, ka ka

usually sundays are boring and suck because you have to go to school the next day. well today was not one of those sundays. today was glorious for numerous reasons. number one the patriots are in the super bowl just like i predicted and the panthers upset the eagles just like i predicted. patriots got this super bowl wrapped up though. reason number two for awesomeness is what i bought today. i went to hot topic and used the gift card shane's grandma gave me for christmas. i bought this awesome motorhead shirt. it's totally ultra sweet cool man. i always finally about the cky cd, infiltrate destroy rebuild. i was going to buy the from autumn to ashes cd at borders cause i had a card for there too, but we spent a half hour looking and couldn't find this borders that supposedly existed on the corner of prospect and chapman. that gas station attendent was full of shit. his head was up his ass. dude he kept insisting that he knew me too. he said he saw me at some huka bar where he goes to hide from the world. i was like ok buddy sure whatever helps you sleep at night. when we got back from our little adventure me, kevin, and cassandra went to burger king. that was soooooooo aweeeeeessssssoooommmmeee. the had this gnarly play place slide and i went down it. bad mistake. it totally annihilated me. especially when i used the tray. after burger king we came back and played texas hold 'em poker with the guys. i came in with $1.50 and left after 3 hours with $10.00. the night before i came out $1.30 up. so far lady luck has been on my side but that all can change in a blink of an eye. after poker we had an acoustic guitar jam session. well kevin, ben, and brett did. i just watched and listened and sang tenacious d. after that we went to lindsey and blaire's and chilled for a couple hours. we played catch phrase and watched the movie frequency. now i'm here in my room gettin' ready to hit the sack cause i got 9:30 practice tomorrow. it's time for me to hangin' up. now if i could just finding a sleeping spot....
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