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if there was only a word to describe....

you know what really chaps my ass? homework. especially biology homework. we've had class for 2 weeks so far and suddenly our reseach paper is due in like 5 days. cool or what? i've decided to not even do the homework for tomorrow. fuck that shit. sometimes i feel like i'm stuck in a box and i wanna bust out. this is one of those times. much like a jack in the box. i just wanna go out and get fucking thrashed or something but i can't cause i have class or i have practice or whatever. during the week i don't have time for anything and then on the weekends when i actually have time i don't really do anything. like today for instance. i slept in till about 11:45, which is understandable though because that's the only day out of the week i get to sleep in. we when to breakfast and came back to the room and watched college basketball since there was no football to watch. after that we went and played halo with coleman and steve-o. then we went to this faculty recital for our music class. after that one cool thing did happen. erin and polly decided to stop by and say hi. it took them like a half an hour to get here from the time they GOT OFF THE FREEWAY. first of all because they're direction retarded and second of all they were both drunk. when they finally got here erin slammed me down a 20 spot and said "here's money cause you're a poor college student." totally kick ass. then she was like i woulda picked you up a 12 pack too but there were no liquor stores on the way here. wouldn't that have been kick ass. i'm definitly going to bingo with her and polly on thursday. all the little old bidies better watch out cause C Money is in the hizzzouse!!!
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