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the start of another lovely week at college. we had our intramural playoff game tonight. we lost by 4. we played charles' team again. we beat them during the season but they had a little advantage this time. his name is wai. in case you don't know, charles' team is made up of three awesome black guys and a 6'5 white guy. so basically they shoulda killed us but we ended up just barely losing. we played a really good game though so i can't complain. this weekend was pretty fun. on saturday we went to the orange county swap meet. i bought 16 triple a batteries and 6 sharpies for only 3 bucks. pretty good deal if you ask me. i was gunna get a pair of sunglasses and a new belt but that'll wait until next time. on sunday i played poker for most of the day. i ended up winning 12 bucks. i'm back to my old winning ways. that's easily two trips to in-n-out right there. my cky ticket came in the mail a little while ago. i'm so stoked about that concert. it's gunna kick so much ass it's ridiculous. with the whole crew there, it'll be just like old times. kevin brought his playstation back with him. we started playing tony hawk 2 again. i forgot how tight that game is. dude you know what is one of the nastiest things ever. when you walk into the bathroom and you have to piss real bad. you open the toilet lid and what do you find starring you right in the face but a big fat pile of shit. you try and flush but it's just no use. IT WON'T GO DOWN. so what do you? plunge it? hell no. you just piss on it and then make kevin take care of it. hahaha it was sexellent. well it's time to hit the sack. gotta wake up bright and fuckin' early tomorrow. shazbot!
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