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in a matter of hours i'll be moshing in the anaheim house of blues to the sweet sweet sound of Camp Kill Yourself. i'm probably not gunna survive the concert but who cares, it's worth it. there's the possibility that bam himself will be there along with his crew. wouldn't that be a dream come true. the tujunga crew meets the westchester crew. it would be the most monumentous splendiforous occasion of all time. shane, sean, and steve should be arriving shortly. i'm not sure what they're gunna do while i go to practice for an hour. kevin has an RA meeting. i'm kind of afraid to leave them in here alone. i'm not worried about shane or steve so much. just sean. he's a good kid and all but who knows what kind of mischief that guy could get into.
i know most of you already know about this but guess who i fuckin' saw on extreme dating yesterday. none other than justin gonzalez. yep he was one of the ex's trying to make the guy not like the girl. my favorite part is when he jumped in the jacuzzi with them naked and told them to make out while he was in there and they did. it was an unexpected delight. two more days and i'm done with classes for a whole week. SPRING BREAK BABY!!!! yeah i know it's early but we're concordia, we do everything early. i don't get to come home until saturday night though cause i have a meet that day. i supposed to run but since my fucking groin hurts everytime i take a step i'm not sure that's a good idea. i haven't even actually "ran" since last monday. i can't even remember how to. all i've been doing is riding the bike in the cardio room and watching shows like the Steve Harvey show and Blind Date.
tomorrow night i'm going to see the Passion of Jesus Christ directed by Mel Gibson. a shit load of people from my school are going in a group and tickets were only 5 bucks and it looks pretty good so i decided to give it a go. it looks really violent and bloody. should be pretty good. well it's time to get ready for practice. gotta put on my tiny green running shorts. don't you wish you could see me in those bad boys......
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