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who the fuck is tom johnson?

yes who the fuck is tom johnson? well i'll tell you what i know. this is what just happened. it's 1 in the morning and i'm just sitting on my computer minding my own business when the phone rings and my roommate says it's for me. hmmmmmm who could this possibly be? i say hello and all i hear is a loud "WHAT UP NIGGA!". puzzled i ask who this is and he says "this here tom johnson". now at this point i know this is some sort of prank but i can't figure out who this is. it's definitly a black person's voice, this much i know for sure. no one could impersonate this. i hear people laughing in the background too so i know this is bullshit. so we proceed to have a 3 minute conversation consisting of him telling me his name is tom johnson and or "TJ" as he liked to be called, he then busted out a little freestyle for me, then he told me to stop talking about him down here, he asked me what my sister lindsey was doing, he asked me if i still had any of that sweet chronic and then i said in my thurgood jenkins voice "no b i smoked all that shit, you's too late" then he said no not b it's t, tj. he then followed that up with another little freestyle. then he asked me if kevin had anymore more chronic. by this point i'm totally baffled as to who this is. my first thought was sean, steve, and shane of course. but it was definitly a black person's voice on the phone, no doubt about it. and last time i checked shane, sean, and steve didn't hang out with that many black people. so he started to wrap up the conversation and we said our goodbyes and i hung up the phone. i then preceeded to call shane on his cell phone cause i know he's the only one who'd shoot me straight on this. turns out he's in the car taking towey somewhere. just him and towey. they didn't know anything about what i was talking about. sean and steve are apparently at steve's house right now. i didn't call there cause i don't wanna waste any more minutes on my last phone card. so who is this tom johnson? do you know, cause i sure have no fucking clue.
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