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well today was my first day back from break. it was pretty cool considering my first two classes got cancelled. so i got up at 8:30 and ate breakfast. i went to bio and i was done for the day. no practice either. it was such a damn beautiful day, you know what i decided to do? i went to the beach and it was glorious. me, tony, and brandon went to laguna. the sky was clear, the sand was warm, and the water was cold. it was everything i could of asked for. i'm gunna start going every opportunity i can. next year, while i'm busying not running track, i'll go all the fuckin' time. it's beach bum time. so today was kick ass. i can't say the same about tommorrow though.
well let's do a brief overview of my break. we saw steve and smitty off. we tried to show him a good last day by getting drunk and partying. i think we half accomplished that. i hung out with shane and sean everyday. sometimes brent, justin, or corey was there too. we played pool every night. sean the hardass always won, but by only you ball you son of a bitch. me, shane, and sean played golf in the rain. my golf bagged was strapped with 10 beers too. it was awesome. we saw starsky and hutch. two words, fuckin' hillarious. i had lunch at la lutheran and got to see some people i hadn't seen in a while. the scavenger hunt is on hold for a bit but we're still doin' it. probably the next time i come home. i'm not gunna tell the crazy white trash lady story here. that's saved for a separate post.
only 7 more weeks until school's out. i can't wait for that sweet sweet day.
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