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cars like us, people love us

long time no post. it's about time. what have i been up to? school mostly. oh and going to the beach. the beach has been very nice as of late thanks to all this warm weather we're having. i think i'm gunna start surfing again too. new port is a really good spot because the waves aren't that big and it's never too crowded. last sunday i went to the rufio, yellowcard, something corporate concert at UCI. it was totally sold out and we just showed up and asked people if they had extra tickets we could buy. we found 3 tickets in like 5 minutes. the rufio and something corporate part was kinda boring for me but the yellowcard part kicked ass. the violin player was doing backflips off the speakers. it was tight. we were in the pit the whole time too. I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE FUCKING SHOES ON EITHER. i was wearing just sandles cause i just wasn't thinking that we were gunna get tickets so i didn't bother putting shoes on before we left. i spent the whole time jumping around and trying to make sure my sandles stayed on. i almost got knocked over once too cause the whole fucking crowd kept pushing one way then the other. i just wanted to sock everyone around me but they were all either skinny asian guys, fat sweaty mexicans, or eleventeen jeans. i was planning on coming home friday night but now that looks like it might not happen. my car's brake calipers need replacing so i took it to this shop today and they said it would cost 520 dollars. so i was like yeah right that's too much. so tomorrow morning i have to pick it up, cause they took the engine apart, and take it to Pep Boys. they said they'd do it for 200. hopefully they can just finish it tomorrow, cause they're open till 9, and i can pick my car up and drive home tomorrow night. otherwise it might not be done until saturday, in which case i'll probably just stay at school this weekend. i'm coming home on friday, just for that day, to see lindsey's play. then the weekend after that is easter break. i get 5 days off for that so i'll be home then for a while. well it's dinner time and i'm fuckin' hungry. SPLENDIFOROUS!!!
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