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Alex, you'll appreciate this one

so today was a very interesting day. i missed my meet this morning because i overslept, there was lots of traffic, and they left without me. on one hand i'm glad i didn't have to go to that meet because i was sleep deprived, my groin hurt, and i didn't feel like spending another whole saturday at a track meet. on the other hand i'm afraid of the confrontation that's going to take place between me and my coach either tomorrow or monday. i guess i shouldn't be too worried. what's the worst he can do, kick me off the team. and i'd be so heartbroken if he did too. he's just gunna give me the HUGEST guilt trip known to mankind. so instead of going to the meet, i slept, ate, took a shower, went to the bank, and watched college basketball. now for my bracket to work i needed okalahoma st. and duke to win. guess what happens, georgia tech and uconn win. lucky me. so my bracket's totally fucked. oh well. poker tonight made up for that. i totally kicked ass tonight. the first game i was playing with three guys and we just played for two hours. i ended up $2.30 up from my $5 i started with. then we played a tournament game with me and 5 other guys. the difference with this game is there's no cashing out. you play till one person has all the chips. guess who that person happened to be tonight. yep you guessed right, it was fuckin' me. so i walked in with five dollars and walked out with $22. not too shabby if you ask me. yep alex, my lucky streak is still going. oh a congrats goes out to sis' lindsey who was the best damn shroeder ever. bravo lindsey, bra-fucking-vo. well now that we've lost an hour it is 4 in the goddamn morning and i gotta get up by 11:30 for the angels dodgers game. GO DODGERS BITCH!!!!!
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