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totally ultra sweet cool kaka

well the fact that i don't get to go home for break, except sunday, sucks balls. on the upside though i don't have school until tuesday. on the downside i have practice on thursday, friday, meet on saturday, and practice on monday. today was sweet. i didn't go to psychology for the 486218574765th time. i only go once a week just so i know what the hell is going on in that class. coach gave me the day off today to rest my groin for saturday so i made the most of it. me, tony, darci, and kayla went to the beach. it was nice. sunny and a little breeze. the water was cold but refreshing at the same time. like a cool summer's breeze, for men on the go. i had another intramural bowling game last night. we all did pretty good but we're still in last place. it's ok though, i feel a win coming on anytime now. i'm starting to model my game after big earn himself. tonight we're going to the driving range cause kayla like's to hit things really hard. makes sense to me. everyone's gunna be gone and i'll be here. what am i to do? i think i'll get drunk a few times maybe. maybe bed bath and beyond. i don't know if we're gunna have enough time.
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