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back in the saddle

wow it's been a very long time since i've made an entry in this old thing. let's see if it still works. i noticed that lindsey and katy are the only ones that still make entries, although alex and melinda make the occasional one, so this ones for you. i've been back at school for about 2 weeks now. how is it you ask? well like i've been saying seeing all my friends again is cool but the whole going to class thing still sucks ass. i have this class called Historical and Sociocultural Foundations of Physical Education and Sport, yeah it's exactly how it sounds...BORING AS SHIT! the professor is a fatter version of Mr. Mallory. it's kind of funny. i only have 5 classes this year though, 3 on MWF and 2 on TR. they start at 9 and end by 12:30. not too early and not too late on both ends. it's definitely a chill, kick back schedule. this year i plan on doing more things i WANT to do instead of things i HAVE to do. like instead of running i'm going to go to the beach and surf or skate or getting wasted at some party. you know whatever i feel like. oh yes for those of you who didn't catch that i'm not doing track or cross country this year and i couldn't be happier. i think on friday night me and lindsey are gunna go over to visit and party with jessica at cal state fullerton and then saturday me and lindsey are coming home for the long weekend. hopefully brent comes home too so we can have a little reunion of sorts. mischief is in the cards.
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