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we were brainwashed!!!

it is officially shane's, kenny's, and my sister erin's birthday right now. it's a celebration bitches! now what i should be doing is my financial accounting homework that's gunna take me 2 hours, but no i'm gunna do this first because i feel like it. we won our intramural volleyball game tonight. we kicked kevin's team's ass. kneepads/whitebread has a whole freshmen cheering crowd now. there's like 10 of them with shirts that say tim is awesome and shit and they bang pots and shit and scream stuff like the only thing that matters in intramural volleyball is kneepads. yeah it was some funny shit. last night was sweet, katy and alexa coming some rent and a little visit. good fucking times at the jack. you know what movie i didn't realize was so fuckin' funny? MAJOR PAYNE! that shit is fuckin' hillarious. "listen here you little scrodum sacks.." haha priceless. i highly recommend everyone revisit that one soon. the other day i bought school of rock and starsky and hutch for only 20 bucks at blockbuster. you know i can't pass up deals. needless to say, my ultimate dvd collection is getting there. tomorrow i have that damn class i hate, history and sociocultural foundations of physical education and sport. yeah it's boring as shit. i'd rather punch myself in the penis 3 times and pass out in a corner. well i think it's time to eat kevin's cake now. it's just so damn tastey it'd be a crime not to.
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