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suffering is a part of life

well i guess it's time for my once a month update. top story, i've been fucking sick for the past week. i went home for one weekend and i end up contracted the black plague. i blame this one on sean. he was sick first and then spent all of sunday and my house. so this whole past week i've just been sick and it's really put a damper on things. i haven't been able to do anything fun this weekend. so far i've watched movies, played video games, slept, drunken a lot of water, and played some ping pong. yeah i know almost too much excitement for one person to handle but it's ok, even when i'm not 100% i'm still kick ass. lindsey went home for the weekend cause matt's in town. that should be nice for her. i'm not coming home this upcoming weekend but the weekend after that. that's gunna be sweet cause i get a week for thanksgiving. being home for that long will be totally kick ass. i definitely need a break from school. next weekend a bunch of us are gunna take a trip up stanford to watch our basketball team play an exhibition game against stanford. we're gunna get the shit kicked out of us but it should be a pretty fun road trip. so like i said before i've been watching a lot of movies this weekend. you know what i found out, walking tall, dawn of the dead, and the boondock saints are all really really kick ass movies. especially the boondock saints. i highly recommend that one. well there's not much to do now. i'll probably just end up throwing breakfast club on. what better to occupy my time with then one of the greatest movies of all time.
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