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all you care to eat

i've reached the halfway point of my week at home and so far i guess i'd have to be pretty satisfied. we kicked off the break with a kick ass bash that everyone thoroughly enjoyed i'm sure. then saturday we went to down to san diego to party with brent till 5 am and then get up at 8 to play in poker tournament. none of us won. monday consisted of sleeping until 2 and doing nothing all day. catching up on much needed rest. yesterday me and kevin went to tony and paul's and played basketball and football all day. gotta get my exercise for the week in. then at night i went to Commerce casino with sean and decided it would be fun to loose money. i found out that it wasn't. today is boring. i did yardwork and hung out with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. shane, sean, and towey all have work. after sean gets off we're gunna go visit shane and towey while they guard. that should be fairly exciting.
i can't wait for tomorrow, i love thanksgiving. i get to do three of my favorite things: eat a kick ass feast, watch football, and take a nap. tomorrow will be a day well spent. as for the rest of my week, no big plans. just relaxing and enjoying life, maybe a little partying here and there as well. you know how we do it down here in the land of sun.
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