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kelly goosecock

yesterday was a pretty shitty day. things just didn't seem to go my way and my leg was about ready to break off. today was a good. i didn't have to practice and i don't have to practice tomorrow. i must concentrate on healing my knee because i'm such an important asset to the team...hahaha. we won our basketball game against vangard by about 24 points. we kick ass and they suck. our fans are the best. at the end of the game they were chanting "you suck, sit down". hahaha once again, we kick ass! my intramural basketball team, despite a loss on monday which can be attributed to me not playing, made the playoffs. i'm ready for a good week of rest then it's time to bash some skulls. tonight me, kevin, laura, cassandra, emily, meredith, amanda, stephanie, and danielle played a big game of catch phrase in danielle's room. after which the question of "i wonder what the world's largest penis is?" came up. that led us to the website world-sex-records.com. that place has all sorts of interesting facts. from longest pubic hair to latest to menstrate. quite facinating. dude sean i know you're gunna be pissed off at me but i don't think i can come home this weekend. i wasn't supposed to have a meet on saturday but my coach told me today that we're having one and it's an afternoon one. so it's looking like this weekend's not the best to come home. eventhough steve's coming home too. he'll be here a whole month though. i'll see him plenty. maybe next weekend i'll come down. in the mean time let's get geared up for the scavenger hunt baby. that shit's gunna be the mad notes yo!!!
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