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out from the shadows

where the hell have i been? i don't even know. i totally forgot i even had a livejournal account. well i better dust it off pick up where i left off. i'm done with school. i've been home for almost two weeks now. i'm only gunna be here till june 6th though, cause then i'm going to work at a summer camp in arrowhead till august 6th. then when i come home it's san elijo. then i get one more week at home and it's back to school, back to school, to show everyone that i'm not a fool. what have i been doing these past two weeks? hanging out with shane and sean everyday. sometimes brent, justin, corey, or towey make guest appearances but they're all still in school so they're apparently busy during the day. playing basketball with john and weegee has been fun. dude weegee you turned sean into a damn street baller. he wants to play like everyday. that's not a bad thing though. the guys baseball game was kick ass yesterday. they totally annihilated those first lutheran pussies. i suppose i will venture over to the softball game today. well i'm gunna go shower cause i can actually smell myself and that's never good.

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its contagious. Ever since I got the itch to play ball everyday, I take everyone with me and now mostly everyone i know wants to play. I think when i'm out of school I'm definitely going to play everyday.
To men. In bed.
its about time you come from out of the shadows... even though i havent been posting either :).. im at my sister's apartment right now.. bout to go back home in a few hours.. im glad your having a great time at home.. well i hope to talk to you before you go off to work.. see ya later